Therapist Contact Info

With the sad news of the closure of the Bodywork Bistro, we have received so many heartwarming supportive responses.  Thank you for your kind words.  We have also received many requests from clients to be put in touch with practitioners.  So, we’ve assembled a list with contact info so that you can reach out to the therapists who served you at Bodywork Bistro.  

If your practitioner is not on this list, let us know, and we’ll do our best to connect you as soon as we can.

Practitioner Phone Email
Alex Martini
Bettina Wiesenthal 415.619.0100
Brandon Love 720-525-0214
Briggs Wallis 423-593-2127
Bruce Kenyon  805 798 5493
Caitlin Winson 203-313-4171
Carrie Davis 704-699-6446
Chloe Barrett-Page 720-352-3421
Christian Goldberg 303-514-1445
Dave Weil 303 931 1500
Elena Zubulake 720-468-2049
Elisa Byler 720.253.5394  
Erin Casey 720-432-3032
Jenny LePage 720.759.5062
Jonathan Zawacki 303-710-7905 
Julian Pearl Herlihy 503-867-5322
Julie Mol 720.597.0573
Krystina Carr  814-571-0788
Linden Belancik 917-885-0046 (texts only, no voicemail)
Lisa Bauer 505-699-2855
Marjy Berkman 808-212-5824
Michelle Moore 303.818.6211
Piper Bonacquist 845-392-6710
Rachel Jarvis  303-946-9382  (EMAIL PREFERRED!)
Renée Royal 217-552-7017
Roxanne Solomon  720-541-9403
Shanna Stapleton 303-807-9973
Shannon Lindow
Steve Taylor 720 840 0110
Tami Ritterskamp-Sundin 901-573-5102
Taylor McDonald 903-571-4617
Tyler Gibson 303-579-1802
Zoe Violet Belka, DC  303-929-7101

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